What can you expect from a high-end coach?

There are tens of thousands of life coaches available to help you set goals and get your life together. I think everyone could benefit from at least a few sessions of one on one coaching – to help clarify where you are heading and where you want to be heading.

I offer something different – and I guess it crosses the line between coaching & consulting. Firstly let me just say that we could get sidetracked for hours talking about what a coach is and how it differs from consulting or from therapy or from training or mentoring.

Let’s keep it simple. As a high-end coach I’m here to help you solve problems. Sure I can help you stay focused and keep you accountable to your goals – all of the usual coaching stuff. But apart from that my intention is to share my experience and knowledge to help you come up with some great solutions to your business and marketing concerns.


If you hire me that’s what it will be for – to clarify and solve a problem.

Sometimes it will be more like consulting – you tell me your problem and I’ll give you a solution. Other times it may be more like coaching – you tell me what you want and we’ll work out how you can get yourself there. Either way you will come out the other side with answers and the power to manage any obstacles that stand in your way.

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