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Check out what ‘Global Success Coach Grant Thorpe has to say about “Automatic Coach”

Anton, I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to ‘Automatic Coach’.

As you know my very busy schedule only allows me to coach a limited number of one on one clients around the world – and I was desperately searching the globe to find a new way to service the large number of clients who approach me every day for help to change their lives.

Before finding Automatic Coach, I was like many other top coaches, in that I felt frustrated I didn’t have something else to offer those clients that wanted assistance and whom didn’t have the ability to commit to a personalised coaching program.

With Automatic Coach, not only do I have the capacity to service this additional customer base but I’m not leaving that potential income behind on the table! In fact the real beauty of Automatic Coach is once the client subscribes they don’t want to leave and as such, it’s created a completely passive income stream for me.

For my clients, you’ve come up with something really special with the Automatic Coach product. You’ve created a unique goal setting system that’s ready for any coach to plug right into, rebrand to their image and their distinctive message. It is certainly complementing my whole brand image and client offer.

I really appreciate the time and personal attention your team have offered me. Not only assisting me with design and the rebranding of my version of Automatic Coach to ‘Coached Eggs’ but you guys took care of all the technical stuff including going out of your way to integrate the Automatic Coach product into my existing shopping cart and merchant payment system.

I use Automatic Coach as an added valued service to my existing clients, ensuring even more loyalty. And I now get to sell my own branded online motivational, inspirational coaching service to the hundreds of other people whom I never had the chance to share my services with before. How good is that?

By the way I’m glad you’re limiting the number of coaches who can access this! I mean there is definitely enough clients out there for a thousand coaches to use Automatic Coach if you let them. But it’s nice that you’re not flooding the market with it – keeps it exclusive to those of us who see the true potential.

Oh and keep the great content coming! The reports, eBooks and articles that you’ve been adding really make my job easy – I can’t see any Automatic Coach members wanting to leave with this kind of value!

I am so excited I am going to promise to report back on the huge volume of people I have signed up for my Automatic Coaching product ‘Coached Eggs’.

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