Blogging is not your path to riches.

Blogging is old news. The fact is, having a blog is simply a way of keeping your website fresh.

For most people, blogging isn’t going to provide a path to riches. But they’re very easy to create – which was one of the most attractive features about blogs when they hit the scene.

But the downside of so much set-up ease is that just about anybody with access to a computer has created a blog.

There was a time when the average person who had something worth saying could create a blog and generate a large following. Back then, it was fairly easy to create an income from blogging.

These days, an unimaginably high number of blogs are created everyday. And increasingly a large number of these are outsourced to discount blog writers. This has created an industry where people simply throw up a new blog and put up to 30 new posts per day on it. This is what’s driving the relatively low quality content we’re seeing so much of online.

The thing is, the search engines don’t know the difference between poor and good quality content. Only people do.

Now, people are going to link to the quality content. However, there’s such a proliferation of content out there that the blogs that attract enough attention to be linked to in the first place are very high profile. You almost have to be promoted by a large organization or magazine to get linked to.

Still, there’s great value in having a blog. Blogs help keep your website content fresh, which helps with your search engine positioning. Blogs also provide your clients something fresh to consider.

But generally speaking, unless you’re offering something truly exceptional, most people don’t have enough time in the day to check your blog. So the great value that blogging once delivered with certainty is no more. In many cases, the precious time or money that’s poured into generating blog content is simply a waste.

On the other hand you may have noticed that here I am blogging anyway – why?

Well for me it’s just one of many tools to help build my online reputation and perhaps generate a small amount of extra traffic to my site. The fact that it keeps my site fresh for Google is a good thing too. And this is how I recommend you think about blogging- as just part of your online marketing toolkit.

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