Free Twitter Applications Improve Functionality For Twitter Users

In response to the phenomenal growth of Twitter, software developers have come out with numerous free applications designed to deliver greater functionality for twitter users. Here’s a list of some of the best applications.

1. This is the biggest program of the lot. To run it you first need to download it to your hard-drive. Once it is set up you can use it to organize your Twitter followers into different groups so that you can deal with all the tweets that have come in, prioritize your responses and so on. This app is for serious tweeters.

2. The Twitter yellow pages. If you want to be found by Twitter users, post your Twitter details here.

3. Track your keywords on Twitter. Tweetbeep will update every day or every hour when your keywords have been used by someone on Twitter.

4. This tool lets you write your messages and plan them to go out at specific times. As with Tweet beep, you can set up keyword tracking.

Tweetlater also has an auto-respond service so you can send out a pre-written greeting whenever someone starts following you. You can also set up a welcome message and Tweetlater will automatically post it out to each of your new followers.

5. This service tells you who has recently started following you and who is no longer following you. You can pre-write an automatic welcome message for your new followers.

Socialtoo also allows you to run online questionnaires, and publish them on various social networks as well as Twitter and Facebook.

6. Check the number of people are following you, or anybody else. You can plug in two different Twitter users and compare their stats. Twittercounter also predicts how many followers you will have in the future. You can then post the result in a widget on your blog.

7. Find out which of the people you are following is NOT reciprocating.

8. Here is neat resource, by Gary McCaffery, that is designed to build your following on autopilot.

9. This tool gives you feedback about the health of your network, how often you post messages on Twitter and how complete your profile is. It also gives you an overall score which you can then Tweet out on Twitter!

10. This is a great way to tweet about links to anything that takes your fancy on the net. Post a button to your website to encourage people to tweet your articles.

11. this attractive tool shows you uses bar graphs to display your performance on Twitter. Find out when you use Twitter the most. If you wish, you can share it with everybody else by tweeting about it!

12. Set your keywords and this neat little tool will seek out people who posted the same keywords so that you can follow people with similar interests to yourself!

13. This service will shorten any URL and so free up some characters for your main message if you wish to link out to a website or blog post.

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Summary: If you use Twitter you will love some of these free Twitter tools.

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