Maybe it’s time you gave up your day job

You’ve been in the same or similar job for ten or more years. Sooner or later you hit a ceiling with your income.

You get $30 an hour (or $50 or $130, etc – the actual amount isn’t important) whether you do a great job or an average job. As long as you turn up for work and put in the time the money is yours.

But the problem is this: once that hour is over the only thing you have to show for it is the $30 – or less actually, once taxes are taken out.

Now, you may be one of the lucky professionals who makes considerably more than $30 per hour. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this message isn’t for you. Even if you’re making $200 an hour, you face the same limits. And chances are you’re not making nearly as much as you think you are:   Just consider the many non-billable hours you work…

If you have the power to determine your own hourly rate, then you can increase it of course. But you can only increase it so far, and if you’re an employee with no real control over your hourly rate then you might feel that the only way to increase your take home pay is to work longer hours.

This is the trap that comes with exchanging your time for other people’s money. You simply have to accept that your time is not really your own – unless you’re willing to reduce your standard of living.

If you’re ready for a new and smarter (not harder) approach, I can help…

I help therapists, coaches, counselors, and other health and wellness professionals attract and retain more clients. I also help them create new, lucrative income streams using the Internet.

I use advanced marketing strategies and business systems to help self-employed professionals with thriving practices increase their income — without increasing their work load. I can also provide strategies for rapid growth if you’re in the startup phase of business-building.

There really is a better way to use your time than giving it to a client in exchange for their money. In fact there are many better ways to use your time. In writing this blog entry, I’m demonstrating just one example of how you might do it.

You see, in sharing some of my knowledge via this article — rather than directly with a client — I’m doing two things:

· Firstly, I’m capturing the results of my work rather than letting it walk out the door inside my client’s head. This is really important. If you can find ways to do the work once and CAPTURE that work (i.e., in an article, a book, a recording, a self help program), then you no longer need to worry about filling all of your time seeing clients.

· Secondly I’m moving from a one-to-one approach to a one-to-many approach. As a consultant or a coach or a therapist, you generally work with one client at a time. But if you can find ways to work with many clients at one time you can dramatically increase your income. That could be through group sessions, workshops, or seminars.

If you’re really smart about it, you can ”productize” your expertise and essentially remove yourself from the picture altogether!

And that in a nutshell is the secret to ultimately reclaiming your life.

There’s a more to it than I have space to explain in this brief article, but if you can make this strategic shift it’s a good start. Here’s how it works: Instead of receiving $30, $50 or even $200 for the time it took me to write this article, I can potentially receive much more. This one article has the potential to pay me again and again forever – long after I’ve posted it online.

But it’s not just about me. By sharing my knowledge this way, I can actually help many people. And that’s good for everyone involved!

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