Learning to Use WordPress Effectively

If you want a way to manage and update your own web site that is both quick and reliable, my recommendation is that you use the blogging system known as WordPress. This program first began in 2003 and now is a dominant force in the website industry.

Now although it was designed for blogging, these days it’s used as a general content management system for small sites. It can even form the basis of a simple membership site – and it’s free!

At the risk of putting myself out of work here (well maybe just the web design work) I now suggest all of my solo professional clients (coaches, consultants, therapists etc) use WordPress for their website.

Like any new software application wordpress may seem overwhelming at first – even someone that is quite proficient with other publishing programs can run into some stumbling blocks the first time that they try WordPress and novices may have a more difficult time trying to “put it all together”.  But the reality is that you don’t need to master the system to be able to use it effectively, though if you do want to learn the system inside out it’s really not that difficult.

This is why we have compiled a list of the best WordPress tutorials, guides and resources for you to use. These sites can give you the knowledge and confidence needed for you to master the awesome power of WordPress and take control of your own website.


• This is a very simple, basic video tutorial site that was created by the team that originated WordPress.
• You will be able to find a variety of comprehensive videos that deal with many different topics that relate to WordPress.
Some of the topics that are covered are:

• Installation
• Integration
• Publishing
• Themes
• Comments
• Widgets

WordPress.org Supporthttp://wordpress.org/support/

• This helpful site brings you factual information that comes to you straight from the source.
• You will find a vast amount of “How-to” information and a broad knowledge base is provided that deals with just about every topic that you could possibly need.
• When you visit this online site you will be able to browse a large list of Getting started resources. You can also check out the FAQs or participate in an active discussion forum that is hosted in real-time.


An awesome resource for you to use that features an online listing of 63-essential-wordpress-hacks-tutorials-help-files-and-cheats
• This site is packed with some of the best WordPress tutorials, hacks, and help files for new or experienced users.
• There are detailed descriptions of tricks to expand WordPress functions and step by step instructions for you to use.
• It is also very helpful to check out the variety of WordPress tips that are housed on this site. You will find commonly known tips and some that are only available to visitors.


• This site has template files for WordPress, snippets of the code and a thorough and comprehensive PDF help sheet that can be downloaded or printed for your files.
• The help at this site is available in several languages which may make it easier for some users.

WPCandy.com Advanced Tipshttp://wpcandy.com/articles

When you visit this onsite location you will find tutorials/the-advanced-wordpress-help-sheet.html. This is certain to be very useful as you learn the WordPress ropes.
• An advanced help sheet in PDF form is available and comes complete with specific code snippets. You are told exactly what benefits will be created for your website.
• One of the best facts about this site is that this very technical information is presented in clear and concise form. Even if you are not a “techie” you will be able to absorb and understand the material that is given to you by this WordPress resource.

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