The Advantage Of Pay Per Click Advertising On Facebook

Pay per click advertising is widely acknowledged to be a fast way to get traffic to your website. If you get it right there is a lot of money to be made with PPC. However, a lot of people have found that PPC advertising is no guarantee of quick profits.

One reason for this is that their PPC ads are too often clicked on by people who are not really the target audience.

But with demographic Facebook PPC advertising, you can much more closely define who will view your PPC ads. The advanced targeting of Facebook PPC means that advertisers can specify not just the product but also as the specific location, the target age group, marital and gender status and range of interests of the target buyer.

So if you want to promote a dating site for single people in New York, aged between 18 and 40, you could put together a clearly defined campaign by using those specific criteria. When ads are as well targeted as this, copywriting becomes a much easier process. Simply saying what you have to offer will be sufficient because the ad will only be placed on the news feed or in the ad column of those Facebook pages that meet the demographic criteria. What this means is that advertisers stand a much greater chance of generating targeted clicks to their sales pages.

A Facebook ad headline is limited to just twenty-five characters.  You can also upload a photo with your Facebook ad. What Is More, a generous hundred thirty-five characters are allowed for the main body of the ad.

Before you start out publishing your ads on Facebook however, it would be a good idea to put in some preparatory work. As Facebook does not allow your ads to click through to affiliate sites, you should point people to your website, blog, or a page that you can set up on Facebook. the advantage of setting up a page on Facebook is that people will feel at home when they click the ad.

When your Facebook page is set up invite your contacts to be your friends on Facebook and fans of your page. The more fans you can connect to the better because if someone who is viewing your ad sees that one of your fans is also a friend of theirs, it will act as a testimonial for your products.
Another thing to do before you post your first Facebook advert,  is to check outFacebook’s Advertising Guidelines and their Terms and Conditions.

If you have been having problems with PPC, Facebook’s demographic to lead targeted PPC ads could provide your advertising campaign with the extra something it needs to succeed.

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Summary: A look at Facebook’s PPC ads and how their demographic criteria can help you target your ads more accurately.

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