TweetDeck Makes Life Easier For Twitter Network Builders

Many Internet marketers have turned to Twitter as a method of quickly building a network of leads and potential clients. However, many business users are finding that in order to exploit the full potential of their Twitter network they need to sacrifice time that could be spent developing other aspects of their business.

In response to this problem, several tools have been developed to help Twitter users to manage their Twitter account more efficiently. One of those tools that is proving especially popular is Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck enables busy Twitter users to uphold a higher degree of communicative activity on Twitter without having to sacrifice your life to Twitter.

What differentiates TweetDeck from rival Twitter apps such as Snitter, or Twhirl is its ability to sort your network of tweeters into ten unique categories and view them all on the screen simultaneously. This means you can define and tag different groups of followers. Once you have allocated someone to a particular column on Tweetdeck, whenever they post a Tweet on Twitter the message will appear in the allocated column.

When you download and run Tweetdeck the default is set to three columns, one for tweets, one for your replies, and one to track direct messages.
There are a few icons at the top of the Tweetdeck screen that allow users to create different types of groups.

To create a new group, first click on the appropriate icon and a new column will be added to your control page. Give the column and name and select the people that you want to add to it. You can add or remove people with a click or two of your mouse. It is by sorting people into groups in this way is that you will gain more control over message handling on Twitter.

Tweet deck also allows you to search for particular keywords. When anybody uses that keyword in a message, you will be notified whether or not you happen to be following the person who sent the message. If you like the messages you can simply add the person to one of your categories and start following him or her.

Give Tweetdeck try and you’ll quickly see that it offers a great way to get in touch with your niche Market.

You will probably want to minimise the Tweetdeck screen when you are not using it, especially if you are using all ten columns that are available to you. You will still be able to monitor posts that come in via a small widget at the top of your screen.

TweetDeck provides busy Internet marketers a useful way to manage a large number of twitter messages and respond to them more effectively, which means that they will get better results on Twitter and can spend more time focusing on the development of their business.

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