Action is the Key to Success!

Got a great new business idea? An idea for a product you could make and sell or a service you could provide?

Great Ideas Are a Great Start
What are you doing with that idea? Are you turning it over and over again in your mind, weighing the pros and cons, planning what it would take to turn it into reality, how much it would cost, whether it’s really feasible and how long it would take to get it going successfully so you can quit your day job?

Did you know that perhaps 99 percent of all potential business ideas will be born and die right there in a person’s mind? They think about great ideas, but that’s all the further they ever get. They literally THINK their great business idea to DEATH!

Action is the Key to Success
The difference between successful entrepreneurs and others is one word: Action!

Those who want to succeed must ACT.

If you want to develop a new product, offer a new service, invent a new solution to a problem, start an organization, or do ANYTHING else in your life, there comes a time in your life when you’ve got to quit thinking about it and ACT on it. You’ve got to DO something. And that time is now!

A lot of people would rather think about things than actually do the work. They like to dream, but they don’t have the drive to make those dreams come true. That would require Action.

I’m daring you today to become one of the few people who actually (there’s that word again—ACT) turn their thoughts and dreams into something more. One of those few people who aren’t afraid to get down in the trenches to do what it takes to get things done. One of those people who will ACT on their ideas.

Ready, Fire, Aim
Have you ever heard of the Ready, Fire, Aim approach? That’s what I’m advocating today. That approach will make the difference between your success and your failure.

Yes, we’ve all heard that people who fail to plan, plan to fail. But there comes a point when you’ve got to say, “Enough already!” and get out there and give it a go!

If you’ve got an idea, develop it—on your mind and on paper—but don’t stop there. ACT on your idea. Do something to make it real.

Create a prototype for your product. Mock up your invention to see if it works. Run an ad for your proposed service—or make a cold call or ten to see if there is a market for your business.

Get out there with what you’ve got and start marketing it to see if there is a viable market for what you’re selling. Use the feedback you get to tweak your product, service, or marketing strategy, and then take it right back out there again, taking Action until you get results.

Learn from your mistakes, fine tune your approach, and get more focused—based on the feedback you get. But never get so bogged down in the thinking and the planning that you fail to actually START. You can’t possibly succeed at something you never get around to doing.

Action is the key to success!

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