Leverage Your Knowledge

In order to be a successful coach it is extremely import to use your knowledge to your advantage.  This does not mean taking your knowledge and applying it in a broad, sweeping fashion to as big a market as possible. What it means is using your expertise and knowledge to focus on an education-based marketing plan that implements many streams of income and delivers it directly to your niche market.

Use your knowledge to bring people into your sphere of influence. Invite them to your services through the use of newsletters, niche content, assessments, questionnaires, articles and the like.  Tailor these products specifically for your niche audience.

Leverage your knowledge by turning your knowledge into promotional talks, seminars, workshops, a video or audio series based on the needs of your niche market. Once you’ve developed these products, you can fine tune and alter them and alter them for other different audience without having to start from scratch. For example, if you have a program that works well for your, license it and offer it to other coaches to use with their coaching practice.

Try some of these ideas to leverage your knowledge:

USE AN EXPERT: If you know of a well known expert in your niche, ask for an endorsement from them. This is a very effective means of adding value to your product. It elevates you to a level of authority and gives you credibility.  The experts won’t mind endorsing you because it gives them credibility as well. The more people that like and value their expertise the better and it is just another way for them to get their message and name into another market.

FIND AFFILIATES: An affiliate is someone who has a common, but different, interest in the same people you wish to attract. You are not competitors but you both can both use your educational products and work together to convert prospects into paying clients.

TEAM UP: As you gain endorsements from experts and line up affiliates you gain access to their audience as well. Share your channels of distribution and double or triple your reach.

BOOTSTRAP: Use a product that you have developed to create a second product or service at a lower cost. Find multiple returns on a single product by tweaking it for another purpose.

Leveraging your knowledge and turning a single effort into multiple payoffs will save you time and money and increase your avenues of revenue. Every time you create a product, think about how you can use it again in a different way. For example, if you are holding a seminar, consider recording it and offering as a podcast on your website. Each time you do this, you are taking one effort and using it for multiple purposes, reaching a wider audience than the original.

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