Understand the Importance of Technology

Technology is the most powerful tool you can use to build your coaching business. Your website is the most important place to start to build your brand. It is what you will use as a springboard to all of your other communication efforts.

Your website should not sit idle hoping that someone will bump into it. There are millions of coaching websites on the internet. Yours must stand out and be used to draw people to it and take visitors and convert them to sales. If this is not happening, your website is not effective.

A website that works, will be working for you even as you sleep and it will grow your coaching business significantly. Coaches who are successful believe their websites are their most valuable marketing and communication vehicle.

Turning your website into a highly functioning tool should be on the top of your list of priorities as a new coach. If you already have a coaching practice and don’t have a website, you should drop everything to put one in place.

Don’t let the cost be an obstacle. If you cannot afford a website, start with a blog. You can create a blog at little or no cost and very little tech knowledge is needed. A free blog will get you started until you can afford a website.

Begin to establish your presence on the web as a coach. It is very important in establishing credibility, exposure and brand. It also gives you the best place to promote and distribute your products and communicate with your clients or potential clients.

There are several things you need to make your website or blog effective.

  • The copy on your site should not focus on you. It should focus rather on copy that sells. Remember you are using the site as a marketing tool.
  • The site should have sufficient avenues that encourage the people to return to on a regular basis and when they are there, they should want to stay a while.
  • A compelling sales venue should be established for your core products. The website should have persuasive sales techniques that funnel visitors through a thought-out process that ends in a call to action.
  • Every visitor is a potential customer and it is vitally important that your website gather as much information about the visitor as possible in an automated fashion.
  • Once you have this information on your prospects you then should begin communicating with them on a regular basis via the site. A properly designed website will do this automatically as well.
  • Once you have this fabulous website, people should be able to find it! Therefore it is essential that it have the correct metatag, SEO content, scripting, links, PPC marketing, etc. to elevate it in search engines.
  • Your website should be self-sufficient and automated so that it does the work for you.
  • To enhance your opportunity of being found by potential clients, your website should be linked to as many sites as possible.
  • It is essential that your site generate passive revenue as well. This is where you can sell the products you have worked so hard to develop as an additional source of income.
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