E-Book Publishing Secrets 3: How to Lock Your E-Book with Boomerang List Builder

This is my third article on e-book publishing, and I will cover a product called Boomerang List Builder.  Boomerang List Builder makes it easy for e-book publishers to lock their e-books. It also makes it easy for the publisher’s customers to get an access code to unlock the e-book. Boomerang List Builder allows clients to apply for the access code once they opt-in to the publisher’s newsletter list.

Here’s how the program works.

Use Boomerang List Builder to lock your e-book and upload it to your website. The process is simple, and nobody who downloads your e-book will be able to open it until they get the unlock code. When they open the e-book, a pop-up window will open asking them to enter the unlock code. Above that will be a button to click for them to get the code. When they click the button it will take them to a form on your website where they enter their name and e-mail address. The unlock code will then be e-mailed to them.

Here is a 9 step process for you to follow when using Boomerang List Builder. After each step click the “Next” button:

Step 1: Open Boomerang List Builder and find for your e-book on your hard drive.

Step 2: Enter the title of your e-book.

Step 3: Choose how you want your e-book to be locked. For most purposes, choose the “immediate registration” option.

Step 4: Enter a code. You can use a fixed code for all clients, or you can choose any code you want.

Step 5: Enter the URL of your opt-in form on your website.

Step 6: Enter an icon for your e-book if you have one. If not just skip this step.

Step 7: Enter your affiliate code if you wish to promote Boomerang List Builder alongside your e-book. If not, you can simply skip this step.

Step 8: Add a Terms of Service section if you want to add one, or simply skip this step.

Step 9: Click the Save button and you will have locked your e-book.

That’s all there is to using Boomerang List Builder. Your locked e-book will be saved to your computer so that you can upload it to your website and promote it on e-book websites and anywhere else you can think of. Whenever anybody downloads your e-book, you have a very good chance of getting that person to join your newsletter mailing list.

The next article in this series will cover suitable e-book sites for you to upload your e-book to.

Keywords: e-book publishing, Boomerang List Builder

Summary: This article describes how to use Boomerang List Builder, designed by Dan Thompson, to lock e-books and use them to build your list.

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