E-Book Publishing Secrets Part 2: Why You Should Lock Your E-Book And Send Your Clients An E-Book Unlock Code

My previous article about e-book publishing described a four-step process for creating an e-book, locking it, uploading it to an e-book website and using it to build your e-mail list. My last article went through the process of finding PLR e-books with giveaway rights and modifying them.

At this point you should be ready to publish your e-book. You’ll want to lock it and offer those who download your e-book an unlock code. Let’s take a look at why you want to lock your e-book.


When a locked e-book is downloaded, the only way to open it is with an e-book unlock code. In order for them to get the code and access the e-book, they’ll have to provide their name and e-mail address. They will also have to agree to receive regular e-mail updates from the publisher, which is you. This means that if someone wants to read your e-book, they must opt into your e-mail list.

The whole e-mail newsletter process can be setup automatically using an auto-responder. This method won’t require you to set up a squeeze page. Instead, just offer an e-book as a free download and connect the client’s name and e-mail address later when they come back to get the access code.

This approach provides much less resistance to the idea of collecting an access code because the e-book has already been downloaded. They haven’t given you any personal information yet at this point. The e-book is sitting on their hard drive, and they are eager to open it.

This will also demonstrate your trustworthiness as you provided the e-book as a free download with no conditions. If your e-book has a compelling title, you will have achieved two things in giving it away: firstly, you will have stimulated the client’s curiosity, and secondly, you will have lowered the clients resistance to giving you his or her e-mail address. This method will give you a much better opt-in rate compared to a traditional squeeze page method.


You can improve your results with this method by offering full resale rights and giveaway rights to your e-book. Don’t try to sell these rights; simply give them away free with every download. Be sure to let your clients know that they can sell the e-book at any price they like and keep 100% of the profits, or they could just give it away free if they want.

You want to get as many of your clients to distribute your e-book as possible. Every time somebody downloads your e-book they will have to come to you to get the unlock code. That means that they will be added to your e-mail mailing list. So, if you have twenty, fifty, or 100 people selling or giving away your e-book, your mailing list will grow fast and increase your profits from selling to them through backend sales. This is why you’re able to offer giveaway rights to your e-books.

My next article on e-book publishing will talk about the best way for you to lock your e-book.

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Summary: In this e-book publishing article I look at how to lock your e-book and why you would want to have your clients request an e-book unlock code.

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