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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   August 6, 2009                                           
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Anton Pearce, Marketing Consultant

Leading Marketing Expert Helps Health and Wellness Professionals Capitalize on Growing Online Market

Anton Pearce Gives Coaches, Consultants and Service Professionals Tools and Strategies for Expanding Their Businesses in the Digital Age

SOUTH PERTH, WA – The Internet gives coaches, consultants and service professionals in the health and wellness sector an opportunity to engage new and existing clients like never before. However, many professionals don’t have the knowledge or tools needed to develop a comprehensive strategy to take capitalize on endless online income opportunities.

As an Internet strategist and marketing consultant, Anton Pearce helps health and wellness professionals capture their share of the online market, and develop and monetize their online presence. The strategic consulting and business development services he provides are critical for consultants, coaches, therapists and other health or medical professionals who want to continue to succeed in the Digital Age.

“The Digital Age has vastly changed the way coaches, consultants and advisors market their services, especially in the health and wellness sector,” said Anton Pearce, marketing consultant. “Health and wellness professionals now have a unique opportunity to use the web to manage and enhance their reputations, build their client base, better serve their clients, and increase income. I give them the tools they need to accomplish these goals and benchmarks.”

Anton Pearce is a web developer and online marketing specialist with close to 20 years of business and professional experience. He uses his keen insight into turnkey Internet strategies to help health and wellness professionals across the globe create additional income streams, take full advantage of new product opportunities and automate and streamline the process of generating leads and finding new clients. Through coaching and consulting, Pearce provides intuitive solutions designed to help his clients overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship and build more productive and profitable enterprises.

Anton Pearce specializes in results-driven solutions based on time-tested, proven strategies and an “offer value first” philosophy. Unlike traditional consulting services, Pearce’s menu of outcome-based consultation services are guaranteed, and include website SEO, sales copy, marketing strategy, product strategy and social networking strategy consults.

For professionals who need more personalized assistance with implementing long-term goals, Pearce offers online business building coaching and hourly consultations. Solutions include action plans, detailed reports and other resources clients need to ‘productize’ their expertise and maintain momentum once new solutions have been implemented.

In addition to consultation services, all web services, implementation and support are offered through The IT Hive, a full-service web firm owned by Pearce. The IT Hive is a leading provider of web application development and programming, DTP, SEO and other online services.

“The services that I offer are comprehensive and designed to help my clients increase revenue and distinguish them from their competitors,” said Pearce. “My ethical and authentic ‘reputation enhancing’ online marketing methods are unique to my business model, and I take great pride in equipping and empowering health and wellness professionals to do what they do best, which is helping other people.”

For more information, free articles, Anton Pearce’s blog or to take a five-minute checkup to determine the health of your practice, visit Initial consultations and Profit Mentor Club memberships include Pearce’s “Automate Your Coaching, Multiply Your Profits” e-book, “The Help Blueprint” report, a listing in the online coach directory or health professional directory and a credit for the “Ask the Profit Mentor” service.

About Anton Pearce

Anton Pearce is a leading web developer and online marketing specialist. He is the director of The IT Hive, author of The Health IT Advisor and developer and owner of Find-A-Psych, the fastest growing online mental health directory. Pearce received his MBA from the University of Newcastle and holds several certifications. For more information, visit


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