As a coach, you know how important it is to stay on top of your game. Doing so is a two part process. The first part is keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest educational tools for coaches. The other part is promoting your business.

As the Coaching industry continues to grow and competition increases, you will need better ways to promote yourself and your business.

This article lists the most complete and current internet directories for Coaches along with summary information on joining for private individuals and companies.

With the coaching directories listed below you will be able to list your Coaching Practice, build your business, share your expertise and watch your practice grow. The directories for Coaches allow you to give a brief description about your practice, membership details, pricing options and a direct link to your website.

We want to share with you 26 different directories where you can gain exposure as well as locate other individuals that you can network with. These are in no particular order and each is worth taking a look at. Let’s begin.

  1. The first place we will look into is Find a Coach http://www.findacoach.com. This is a robust, searchable system that offers coaches a reliable means to establishing a stronger web presence and clients the ability to find a coach that meets their coaching needs in a fast and effective way. They offer several different packages to accommodate everyone starting from $40 per annum. (PLEASE NOTE: You must be a student or graduate of Coachinc.com in order to join the directory)

  2. Our next directory is ‘Life Coaches with the Coach Connection’ -http://www.findyourcoach.com. If you are interested in exchanging links then this is the site for you. You simply send your link information (Site Name, Site Description, and Linking URL) with “Link Exchange” in the subject line to coaches@findyourcoach.com. Your site will be taken into consideration for The Coach Connection’s Online Resource Directory.
  3. If you are looking to gain prospective clients then try LifeCoach.com -http://www.lifecoach.com. Here you can list yourself with various search engines so you’re your potential clients can find you easily. Once you are enrolled in an ICF accredited coach training program, then you may list yourself as a “coach in training” on the Lifecoach.com International Directory of Coaches. This will help you gain exposure by new clients and you can offer coaching for free or a deeply discounted rate in order to get practice, which is often what you need when you’re starting out.
  4. Many clients obtain their coaches name and contact information from the Life Coach Guide- http://www.lifecoachguide.com. This directory lists life coaches, career coaches, business coaches and personal coaches on the web.  This directory allows your potential clients to search the database of coaches (with photos and specific information about each coach). This way they can select the best fit for their personal coaching requirements. Every coach listed in the directory is reviewed, critiqued and hand selected. This helps ensure that all coaches are competent and committed to practicing with integrity.
  5. Find a Life Coach is one of the biggest independent coaching directories online. Find a Life Coach- http://www.findalifecoach.co.uk/ directory includes a wide variety of coaches with various different approaches, styles and skills. They are not owned by any individual life coach training school or company. Coaches from all over the UK, plus Europe and the USA are included. A life-time listing in the Life Coaching directory will cost you just £20.00 Hereis the form to signup: http://www.findalifecoach.co.uk/information.htm
  6. If you want a directory that will highlight your individual coaching gifts and skills, as well as give potential clients an opportunity to go directly to your individual website to learn more about you, then this is the directory for you. At Be a Life Coach – http://www.bealifecoach.com/coachdirectory.php in many cases potential clients can also click on a sound button and hear from you first hand how you can best serve them.
  7. If you are a passionate life or business coach then you need to “connect” with People Coaching People – http://www.peoplecoachingpeople.com. People Coaching aims to inform and educate people in the value of professional and to serve as an all inclusive international directory of quality life and business coaches and accredited coach training institutions. For as little as NZ$10 per month you can join their coaching directory and have your own web page. Register today by going to http://www.peoplecoachingpeople.com/index.php?file=c-registration&type=Coach&mode=Add
  8. Coaches and Mentors- http://www.coachesandmentors.com is for coaches who are certified through CTA’s Certified Coach Program.
  9. If you are a business coach then sign up at ActionCOACH. This is an international directory. ActionCOACH business coaching services use universal business and proven principles to help you increase your bottom line and corporate satisfaction. Learn more by visiting them at http://www.actioncoach.com/coachfinder.php.
  10. Certified Fearless Living Coaches (CFLC) are trained in the Principles of Fearless Living and are able to support you in discovering your personal Wheel of Fear and Wheel of Freedom. Coaches trained in this system can be listed in this directory: http://fearlessliving.org/support_system/coach_directory
  11. Next on our list is the well known, International Coach Federation – http://www.coachfederation.org/. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the largest worldwide resource for professional coaches and a good source for those who are seeking a coach. They are a non-profit organization formed by individual members-professionals who practice coaching, including Executive Coaches, Leadership Coaches, Life Coaches and many more, from around the world.Formed in 1995, today the ICF is the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of credentialed coaches. They exist to support and advance the coaching profession through programs and standards supported by their members and to be an authoritative source on coaching information and research for the public. The following is information on their membership plans:
    Annual Membership: $195 (USD
    Fill out their online membership application by going to: http://www.coachfederation.org/join-icf/online-membership-application/.
  12. At LocateACoach.com-http://www.locateacoach.com/ you can list your coaching practice for free; find life coach, spiritual life coach, executive life coach, business coach, Christian life coach, career coach http://www.locateacoach.com/members/options.cfm
  13. At Results Coaching Systems-http://www.resultslifecoaching.com.au/findtest/index.php Results Coaches are extensively trained to deliver personal, business and executive coaching with people from all walks of life. Results coaches are successful people in their own right with a real commitment to helping others realize their potential.  They have all undergone extensive coach specific training and passed a challenging internal certification program before being placed on this site. To become part of this exciting directory visit their website at http://www.resultslifecoaching.com.au/becomenew/
  14. The International Association of Coaching- http://www.certifiedcoach.org/find.lasso is a global association for coaches. IAC provides an independent credentialing and certifying service for people who use coaching in their business and is recognized worldwide. Annual Membership Fee: $129.00 http://www.certifiedcoach.org/join.lasso
  15. The Life Coach Directory-http://www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/ is a directory that contains a comprehensive database of UK life coaches, with information on their training and experience, areas of life coaching covered, fees and contact details. Use this link to register today https://secure.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/register.php.
  16. Next on our list it the Life-Coach-Directory – http://www.life-coach-directory.com/. Like is sister directory above, this site is full of benefits. Simply fill their membership form and include a link back to your site. They’ll review your submission as soon as possible. If your site is approved, your link will appear in the category you’ve chosen. It’s that simple.
  17. Another site is Find a Coach Online – http://www.findacoachonline.com/index.html. You can list yourself here for easy access to potential clients waiting to find you
  18. The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches – http://www.wabccoaches.com also known as (WABC) is a professional Association dedicated exclusively to business coaching, serving both business coaches and business clients.  Join today using the following link http://www.wabccoaches.com/joinus/

  19. Life Coaching Solutions- http://www.coaching-life.co.uk/ukdriectory/directuk.htm is a directory of UK life coaches as well as coaching and mentoring service providers. Sign up using the following link http://www.coaching-life.co.uk/pages/contact.htm
  20. Listed as the UK’s quality directory of UK business coaches, Freeindex.co.uk – http://www.freeindex.co.uk/categories/Business_Management/Management_Consulting/Business_Coaching/ is a great search function that lists coaches in your area. The businesses listed at the top have received better reviews for their services than others. It’s completely free to register your business. You can promote your company more effectively by adding a detailed description of your business, images, and a link to your website and customer reviews.
  21. At iPECcoaches.com – http://www.ipeccoaches.com/ potential clients can find a coach in their National Directory of Coaches. This includes life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, personal coaching, executive coaching, corporate coaching, leadership coaching, management coaching and job coaching, Help potential clients reach their goals at work and in life by listing your services in this directory.
  22. At Business.com -http://www.business.com/directory/human_resources/leadership_and_teams/coaching/ they list business coaches offering leadership help, mentoring and performance coaching for businesses of all types. This includes vendors that offer small business coaching, as well as executive coaches.
  23. A global directory that lists Life Coaches and their services can be found at 24-7coaching.com – http://www.247coaching.com/directory/defaultcoach.asp. They also list valuable information on life coaching itself. Potential clients can find a life coach or personal coach. You can also find lots of information on life coaching in general.
  24. There is a directory called BusinessCoach.com – http://www.businesscoach.com. BusinessCoach.com is a world leader in Business Coaching. They state that they list expert Business Coaches with over 20 Years of Business Coaching Experience. So your potential clients can trust their Business Coaches who are located in International locations around the world.
  25. A great addition to our list is Click A Life Coach- http://www.clickalifecoach.com/directory/coachlist.aspx. They list Personal and Professional life coaching, offering face to face, phone and skype coaching. This includes coaches who specialize in the following topics: Relationship, Career, Health, Personal, Business and Executive Sport Coaching.
  26. You can also list your services at TouchLocal - http://www.touchbath.com/business/search/typeId/3565/type/Life+Coaching. They are a local business directory.
  27. Last but certainly not least it B2B Yellow Pages – http://www.b2byellowpages.com/directory/b2b_business/business-coach.shtml. They feature Business Coach Businesses and Business Coach Companies. Their directory contains a complete listing of companies specializing in Business Coaching.

As you can see, there are many directories where you can list your services. Each one has something different to offer the coaches using their services. You are sure to find a directory or two that will meet your needs. In the end, promoting your business and obtaining new clients is what you’re after. So review each of these sites and find the ones that work for you.

© 2009 Document prepared by Anton’s research assistant. Contact us if you have any suggestions for additions or alterations.

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