E-Book Publishing Series 4: Why Upload.com Is the Best E-Book Website For Publishing E-Books Free of Charge

In my last few articles in this series about e-book publishing I have covered how to make an e-book and how to build your list from it. This last article will walk you through the steps on using the best e-book website for publishing your e-books free of charge.

The best place to upload your e-books to is called upload.com.

Your e-book will be published on upload.com as well as download.cnet.com and several other high-traffic websites. People go to these websites to search for and download e-books and other digital products. Around 2.5 million downloads from the database occur each day on upload.com.

Getting your share of this pie is easy once you set up a free account on upload.com.

Here’s how to get started.

Sign up and confirm your new account. After that, you’ll have to create a developer account. Click the “My Account” tab and fill in the form to get this your account created. Upload.com will have to approve your application, but afterwards you’ll be able to publish your e-books.

Follow these 16 steps to publish your e-books on upload.com:

1. Choose “Windows” so that the system will produce an executable file of the e-book when you upload it.

2. Enter the title of your e-book. Use keyword phrases for your e-book title and use your actual book title when naming the file.

3. Enter the “version” of your e-book. You can simply enter “1″ or “1.0.”

4. Enter a release date, which can be today.

5. Write a brief description consisting of no more than 100 characters.

6. Write a full description. Include some key quotes to get the attention of the reader.

7. Select the “educational software” category and the “eBooks” subcategory.

8. Include a product information URL. This page should be a description of your e-book in detail, so you will need to create a description page on your website or blog.

9. Enter the product download URL. This is the URL of the e-book itself, which should be uploaded to your website. If you have uploaded a locked version of your e-book made by Boomerang List Builder, it will be an .exe file.

10. Input your e-book file size. This can be found by right-clicking on the e-book on your hard-drive. Click properties, and it will tell you the file size which you can then enter into the field.

11. Skip the “additional requirements” field, and in the next section, check all the boxes against the Windows platforms.

12. Enter your executable file name and your “sample registration code” number if you have locked the product, which, if you have read my complete series of e-book publishing articles, you will probably want to do.

13. You must choose a license type. Choose “free” to give away the product, and you can skip the other parts of this section.

14. Upload a screenshot of your e-book if you have one.

15. Agree to the Terms of Service and click “SAVE.”

16. Choose your listing package. If you don’t mind waiting for 5 days to have your e-book featured, choose the “Free Listing Package” option and click “PROCEED” and then “CHECKOUT”.

Once your e-book is approved and featured it will stay on upload.com forever. If you used good keywords in the title of your e-book you should start seeing a steady flow of new subscribers to your newsletter list. You’ll probably want to do this on a regular basis once you see how effective publishing e-books can be.

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Summary: In this article we look at how you can publish your e-book free of charge on one of the leading e-book websites on the Internet.

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