Why High Online Commercial Intention Trumps High Click-Through Rate When Choosing Pay Per Click Campaign Keywords

When setting up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in hopes of selling a product or service, remember that your goal is to buy customers and not just traffic. Even though finding keywords with a high click-through rate (CTR) is important, there’s more to it when it comes to keyword research.

In this article we will cover what CTR is and how to find keywords that attract more sales.

Keywords with High CTR

CTR is determined by dividing the total number of ad clicks by the number of ad impressions. Each time your ad appears on a page, this represents one ad impression. Let’s say the ad was clicked on every time it was shown. This would have a CTR of 100%. I can tell you that this never happens, though.

A high CTR can tell you how relevant a keyword is in relation to a particular search, but choosing keywords with the highest CTR won’t guarantee a successful PPC campaign. You may just want to reject the keyword phrase with the highest CTR because not every keyword phrase will be effective in converting searches into sales.

If your goal is to sell something using PPC rather than just getting more visitors to your website, then you want to buy customers instead of just traffic. While a high CTR is an important factor, you also need to find keywords which come with commercial intention behind them. This means people searching to buy something, using specific keywords to do so.

Detecting Online Commercial Intention

Not everyone searching online is looking to buy, so you need find keywords that people use when they want to buy something.

Microsoft’s Adcenter labs created a free tool that allows you to enter your keywords and check how they rate for commercial intent. Check it out here:


Adlabs claim that this tool can detect a customer’s intention to either get information or actually buy something based on search and surfing history. A larger than 0.5 rating means that the online commercial intent is very strong.

This tool can be used to find less common keywords that still have high commercial intention behind them. Such keywords are cheaper than many with a higher CTR, but they may be more effective in converting to sales because the people using them are likely wanting to buy the product or service.

Of course, whether or not your PPC campaign works will also depend on how relevant and well you have optimized your landing page and sales funnel. But, choosing keywords with a high CTR and a high commercial intention will certainly put you on the right track for success with a pay per click campaign.

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Summary: A high click-through rate is not the only factor when choosing keywords for your pay per click campaign. Commercial intention is also an important consideration, as this article explains.

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