Done-for-you Services

You have enough to worry about each day without having to try and manage all of the time-consuming technical aspects of establishing your online presence.

Create a Web Presence

We’ll get you completely set up on the web including registration of your domain, setup of your hosting, (including lifetime free hosting), design of your unique site, installation and upload. Plus we give you a powerful yet easy system that allows you to easily make changes to the site yourself whenever you want.

This fully featured package is the ideal way to get started online and is just $495


Turn on the traffic

A website is nothing without visitors. Whether your site is brand new and unknown or has just been sitting around for a while not getting much attention, this package will dramatically boost your traffic – and fast.

When you buy this package you will receive exactly the same collection of services as we use to promote this site you are viewing right now. It works!

$200/mth More Info


Social Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Social Bookmarking – you can’t go anywhere without hearing about it now. And it’s much more than just a way to keep in touch with friends. Seriously, this is the new best-ever way to generate leads, find prospects and establish new client relationships. It can be time consuming though, so let us take care of it for you and get you set up to make the most of these great social marketing methods.

For just $495 we’ll give you a precise strategy for making the most of online social network marketing for your business. We’ll walk you through a live demonstration using your actual accounts to show you what you need to do.


Marketing Collateral Package

Get all of your printed marketing and sales materials created in one cost effective package.
Includes logo design, business card, letterhead and more! For just $495 this is an unbeatable deal!


Printed Newsletter & Ezine Production

Have you ever run out of time to write your newsletter?   Ever wished someone else would write it for you? Your wish has been granted!

This is so cool! You can send your customers your very own personally branded print newsletter or professionally styled email newsletter. It includes fresh top quality articles and content generated every month. Imagine what this could do for your coaching or therapy practice?

Find out more about this incredible package


Your Own Part Time Virtual Assistant

How much easier would life be if you had your own personal assistant available for 5, 10 or 15 hours per week? What can a Virtual Assistant do for you? Here’s a few ideas

And it costs way less than you think. These prices are for a strictly limited time – this really is a bargain. But better than the price is the time it will free up for you to focus on the stuff that you really want to be doing.

5 hours per week – just $100

Need more hours than this? Here’s the company we recommend:

Note: You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time – there is no contract, just pay as you go! Seriously, you need to try this – go for a 5 hour trial and see for yourself what an amazing difference this makes to your business.


Your own Part Time Marketing Manager

 There is nothing more important that you can do for your business than work on your marketing.

Having a website is the start but shouldn’t be the end of your online strategy. If you don’t have the skills yourself and you can’t afford to employ a Marketing Manager then this is the next best thing. We offer three exciting ways for you access this incredible service:

Email advisory service – Send us your most demanding online marketing questions and we’ll get back to you with just the response you need. Use this service as and when you need answers for just $47 per response. We’ll follow up with a 2nd email if you feel your question hasn’t been answered to your satisfaction.


Website Marketing Review

Coming Soon! Contact Us


Website Marketing Renovation

Coming Soon! Contact Us


Automatic Coach (Just for coaches)

Automatic Coach is the first product available that allows coaches to offer a 100% self-branded online personal development system to their clients.
Amazingly affordable, incredibly powerful and hugely useful for your clients – this system can be used for anything from 10 to 10 000 clients.

If you seriously want to create a profitable additional income stream for your coaching practice then you need to check this out. There is nothing else like it on the market=>


Automate Your Administrative Tasks

It’s difficult to expand your role as a coach if you spend all of your time on administrative tasks.

The Coaches Console on-line practice management system was created by coaches
to help you:

bullet Conquer administrative overload,
bullet Focus on clients – not paperwork,
bullet Honor the priorities you set.
bullet Are you seriously preparing your business for growth?
bullet As your practice expands, interactive client relationship management is a snap with The Coaches Console. And it’s accessible by you and your clients, anywhere you go!

See for yourself with our free demo, or explore the features of The Coaches Console.

A-la-carte Marketing Services

Proftable Coaching has a fee structure tailored to suit your coaching needs.

You are not tied into any long term contracts. You can use a package and then move to the tele-coaching half-hourly rate as your marketing needs change.

Marketing Mentor E-coaching

E-Coaching provides personalised coaching on your choice of marketing goals or problems via email.

Clients choose e-coaching for a number of reasons.

  • It is a great medium for those comfortable with communicating by email.
  • It provides you with a printed copy of the exchanges for future reference.
  • E-coaching is convenient, especially for mums with young children, shift workers or clients in different time zones.
  • An email exchange allows for coaching at any time or place convenient to you without having to make an appointment.
  • It can be as short or as detailed as you prefer.
  • E-Coaching is available in packages of time and can be renewed whenever it suits your needs.
  • All packages include 48-hour response time.

The e-coaching rates are as follows:

$47 per email OR
$89 for 3 emails OR
$197 per month for unlimited emails


If you don’t like to be tied in to a set number of phonecalls per week or locked into a monthly contract, then simply schedule a call when you need support for $127 for 30 minutes or $250 for 1 hour.

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