Email Marketing - Mistakes to Avoid When Running a Newsletter Campaign

Email marketing by means of a newsletter campaign can be a powerful way to achieve the marketing goals of an online business. However, it needs to be done correctly. Amateur email marketers commit a number of common mistakes that easily lead to a newsletter campaign's failure. Among the most common ones are listed below:


1) Sending Out Promotions Rather than Newsletters

Newsletter campaigns through email marketing should aim to build long-lasting relationships with subscribers over time. For this reason, it is not appropriate for you to design your email marketing campaign for the express purpose of prompting immediate action from your subscribers. For example, if your online business is engaged in selling ergonomic office chairs, focus on providing content that is relevant to the causes of back strain and how to avoid it. In this manner, you will be able to spark your subscribers' interest on the topic and allow them to see the benefits of your offerings. Your relevant conversations with them, then, will eventually lead to a positive action (i.e. Buying an ergonomic office chair from your online business).
2) Focusing on the Online Business and Not on the Subscribers
When running a newsletter campaign, you need to provide relevant content written in a way that allows subscribers to realize the value of your emails. Never focus on your offerings or your online business. You need to show not what your online business can do but what your subscribers can gain from it. Rather than sending out announcements regarding your online business, focus your content on news surrounding your niche. In the case of the ergonomic office chair seller, sending out new studies on back strain or related topics would be better than sending out information on new arrivals. By providing relevant content in a timely manner, subscribers are more likely to be loyal to your newsletter campaign.
3) Making it Hard to Opt Out
Some email marketers still think that the success of a newsletter campaign is driven mainly by the number of subscribers in a mailing list so they make it difficult for people to unsubscribe. In email marketing, the quality of subscribers is much more important than the quantity. Making it difficult for people to unsubscribe to a newsletter campaign can potentially lead to disaster. Apart from alienating and annoying potential customers, you will not be able to track the results of your email marketing efforts properly. By allowing people to easily unsubscribe, you don't risk your reputation among your target audience and you get to achieve optimum response rates.
It is perfectly understandable for you to want to make the most out of your email marketing efforts right away but don't let that allow you to defeat its entire purpose. You need to realize that it takes a while for a newsletter campaign to produce optimum results and it has to be implemented correctly. To keep you on the right track, avoid these mistakes that email marketers often commit when running a newsletter campaign.

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