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Outcome Based Consultation Services for Health & Wellness Professionals

To provide you with the best value for money I have introduced a number of ‘guaranteed outcome’ consultation services. Unlike traditional consulting where you pay by the hour and may or may not get the results you are after, these services are created specifically to deliver specific outcomes to you.

Each service package below offers a defined set of outcomes that I will help you achieve. And with each service the outcome and your satisfaction is assured, with a full money back, no hassle guarantee.

1. Website Effectiveness Consult
I thoroughly analyze your website and provide you with an action plan for improving items that are holding you back from achieving your objectives. This package includes a review of several key aspects of website effectiveness: search engine friendliness, website usability and sales copy.
Outcomes: You will receive a detailed report telling you exactly what to keep and what to change to make your website achieve the results you need.
Your investment: $395

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2. Website SEO Consult
If your website is performing poorly in search engine results (or not appearing at all) then this service well sort out any issues for you. I’ll analyze the structure and design of your website and tell you what needs to be changed to help you achieve the highest possible position in Google and other search engine results.
Outcomes: You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your website with specific changes that you (or your web designer) can make straight away to get your website ranking higher.
Investment: $295

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3. Sales Copy Consult
You may be receiving traffic to your website but finding that few of your visitors are converting to customers or clients. If you want to get more clients or more customers or more sign-ups for your email newsletter then your website needs to convince your visitors to take some kind of action. If they are not taking any action then they might as well never have visited. Sometimes just a few small changes are required to turn your copy from poorly performing to achieving maximum conversions.
Outcomes: You will receive a detailed report based on our analysis of your website copy telling you exactly what you need to change in order to make your website SELL.
Investment: $195

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4. Marketing Strategy Consult
As a solo professional sometimes you’re expected to fulfil all of the roles within your business. Not only do you have to deliver your service and do it well, but you also have to be the business manager and sales force. Online marketing can really simplify the process of finding new clients, but knowing how to do it efficiently and effectively can be confusing – there is far too much information available on the internet about specific marketing strategies.

This consultation will help you get clear on what you need to do. We’ll look over your current online marketing strategy and overhaul it to make it strategic and impactful in achieving your goals.  At the end of this process you’ll have an action-oriented online marketing plan which WILL achieve your goals, and will do it without stretching your budget or your available time.
Outcomes: You will receive a comprehensive marketing plan that will tell you exactly what you need to do on a month by month basis to achieve the results you desire. The action plan will be specific enough for you to be able to follow it like a recipe – or hand over to your personal assistant to follow.
Investment: $895

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5. Online Business Building Coaching (Ongoing)
This is my most traditional coaching package and useful for longer terms goals. If you have a big vision for your practice and would like a partner to help you make it happen then this package is for you. There are no contracts, just prepay a month at a time and use the service for as long as you like.
Outcomes: These will vary according to your goals
Investment: $1595/mth

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6. Product Strategy Consult
As an independent professional you trade your time for money. The more clients you see the more you earn. The downsides to this are several:
- If you can’t get enough clients then you can’t earn to your full potential
- If you get sick, take a holiday or retire you stop earning money
- Once your appointment book is full you hit an ‘income ceiling’
One of the solutions is to develop & sell products based on your area of expertise. My product strategy consultation will help you decide how to ‘productize’ your service – what to turn into products, what type of products to develop, how to develop them, how to outsource some or all of the process and how to fit products into your overall marketing strategy.
Outcomes: You will receive a detailed report explaining the best opportunities for you to develop additional income streams by ‘productizing’ your expertise. The report will tell you how and what to productize and give you specific action steps personalized to your requirements.
Investment: $595

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7.  Social Networking Strategy Consult
Twitter & Facebook have taken the world by storm and for several very powerful reasons they make good platforms for finding and engaging with potential clients. But you can’t just jump on Facebook and start selling. If you do that you’ll turn people off very quickly. Social media sites like Facebook are all about relationships and there are specific ways to use them in your marketing mix. A social media consultation will clear up any uncertainties you have and tell you how to create a powerful reputation enhancing presence and start making the most of  social networking sites.
Outcomes: You will receive a comprehensive personalized action plan for implementing social media into your marketing strategy. I will answer any and all questions you have about what you can expect in terms of results.
Investment: $395

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Marketing & Online Business Advisory Service

1.       As needed Email Advice
Got a marketing, online business or web implementation question that is bugging you?
Investment: $47 per email
See Ask The Profit Mentor for details
2.     On-call Email Advice
Got a marketing, online business or web implementation question that is bugging you?
Investment: $47 per email

Implementation Services available through The IT Hive (Director – Anton Pearce)

1.       Web design & development

2.     Web application development

3.     Implementation of any aspects of the action plans created through my consulting services

Find out more about The IT Hive at or by emailing me or view a list of implementation packages at

Next Steps

Choose the service you require. Contact me by email me at if you have any questions.


Having engaged several consultants in the course of building my own business I understand that it involves a ‘leap of faith’ for you.

Generally when you hire a consultant you have to base your decision on the consultant’s reputation and track record – and even then, with the best informed decision you are taking a gamble whether you’ll get the results you’re after or not.

So to make this much easier for you, I offer a satisfaction guarantee that is almost unheard of in the business consulting industry. It’s really simple: If you don’t feel I’ve delivered on our agreed outcomes then I’ll either keep working until you’re happy or give you your money back. I fully intend for you to be 100% happy with any service that you hire me for and having this level of guarantee works for both of us. You feel safer in trying my services so you’re more likely to hire me!

Lightning Round Coaching Session | One 60-minute Call

During one full hour, you ask as many questions as time permits. Get answers to your tough technical questions, get direction on where to go ‘next’ in your marketing plan, obtain referrals to trusted suppliers, etc.

Note: Unless you purchase 3 or more lightning rounds, this is NOT a strategy call due to time constraints, rather a mechanics or nuts and bolts type call. To work on strategic planning we recommend the Product Development Coaching package below.

Sign up here to purchase one lightning round coaching session at $250 for 60 minutes.

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