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PPC (Pay Per Click) Will Grow Your

Local Business

Need More Customers? Where are they? What are they looking for? How can you attract them to your business? Where can you find customers that are specifically looking for your service?

What is PPC?

  • PPC stands for “Pay per click”. In other words you only pay for the ad when it is clicked and not when it is displayed. If it doesn’t get clicked, you don’t pay.
  • PPC campaigns are the paid advertisements that are typically displayed at the top of a search engine’s results page and can be seen in a matter of minutes after deploying the campaign.
  • PPC and SEO work hand in hand and PPC can be used to feed your SEO campaign and helps determine which keywords are increasing the amount of targeted and qualified customers.
  • Studies have shown that having a PPC Advertisement AND an SEO listing on the first page of Google improves the Click Through Rate for both locations.
    Studies have shown that in some industries, the conversion rate on PPC advertisements exceeds that of SEO by as much as 50%.
  • PPC allows you to change keywords “on a dime” to test and determine which keywords draw more traffic and helps to and refine your sales funnel.
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Why should you hire us?

  • We are Google Adwords certified and that means that We Know the Winning Formula
  • We are marketing experts; we understand ad placements and keyword combinations to maximize where you appear at the right time; when your customers are looking
  • Our work is certified and quality assured by “Adwords for Dummies” author, Howie Jacobson.
  • Free up your time as a business owner and let us handle the daunting task of exposing your business on the internet… the right way
  • We keep ourselves up to date on Google adwords and algorithm changes and we provide you with the best and most efficient solution.
  • We provide you with a higher exposure rate to targeted customers and prospects.
  • We provide you with an account executive that is dedicated to studying and understanding your business model, your targeted marketing and your marketing goals.
  • We provide an advertising solution that is Geo-targeted to your specific region or radius.
  • 50% of all internet campaigns fail because the incorrect method is applied.

We know the Winning Formula
The Right Place + The Right Time + The Right Message = Customers

Guaranteed to Make Your Phone Ring!

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