Online Marketing Consulting

Online Marketing Consulting

Online marketing or internet marketing is the ideal way to promote your service-based business. Rather than stumble around trying to figure out the best approach to marketing your service or practice online, we can help you fast track your results through our consulting services.

All websites should involve the assistance of a marketing expert. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a web designer or worse still, getting the help of a friend or family member and they end up with a website which may look attractive but achieves very little in terms of practice building results. It’s important to remember that marketing a website on the internet, increasing your traffic, increasing your number of inquiries, increasing your sales, building an ezine, email list and goals like that are business and marketing challenges, not web design challenges. Don’t confuse graphic design and web design with marketing. Our consulting expertise is in getting results. We have the backing of a talented and experienced web development team at the IT Hive so we can, of course, create you an attractive website if that is what you need but more than anything, we’ll ensure that your website gets you the results that you’re looking for.

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