online marketing plan (OMP)

Online Marketing Plan (OMP)

A strategic marketing plan is the basis of every successful practice. Without a solid marketing plan, a company’s course of action is determined by guesswork, which may or may not work, putting the practice at a high risk.

In a virtual environment, where your website is the only face of your practice, it’s very important that you have your web promotion strategies in place. If you already have a website, your next step should be to develop a marketing plan that addresses your objectives, defines the strategies and course of action to achieve them.

Before you start investing in services like SEO, PPC, Link Building, User Experience Improvement, RSS Feeds etc services, you need to understand which of these would be most effective to achieve your practice objectives, whether you need one of these services or a mix of online marketing vehicles. You need to understand which service is required and when, for you to be able to achieve the maximum benefits from your online investment.

Mistakes to Avoid

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else!”

Usually one of the biggest mistakes that companies make while aiming at getting online traffic and increasing sales is to “NOT” have a long term online marketing plan. The approach is usually piece-meal starting off with one service and then moving on to another in a hit and trial manner. There is usually no clear knowledge and appreciation of how each marketing tools fits in the larger scheme of things and what are the strengths and limitations of a particular marketing channel. It not only leads to frustrations, unrealistic expectations & delayed results at best, but also losses in terms of time and opportunity.

Some techniques are more relevant and efficient for certain practice like an e-commerce website, as compared to others. Newer techniques of online marketing area also evolving with time and utilizing these as part of your marketing arsenal becomes important and also gives you the competitive advantage, apart from increasing profits.

Anton Pearce’s Online Marketing Plan service aims to work closely with online practicees, educate them in certain areas of online promotion techniques and also draw out an effective plan. We help you develop your online marketing plan that defines your objectives and suggests combination and the right mix of online marketing vehicles which would help you achieve your online practice objectives.

What do you get in the end?

What can you expect to gain at the end of getting the OMP?

1. A report which highlights all the relevant and ethical means of promoting your online practice and the best mix of these as per our professional assessment. We dig into our experience in working with online practicees of different kinds and draw out a plan which would be most efficient for your practice. We understand your vision for your practice and recommend how your online marketing should be aligned to achieve that.

2. A clear idea of what is the potential of each of the different tools and what are the general nuances which one should be aware of as a practice owner to make a more informed decision for your online marketing plan. We try and sensitize our clients to the role that the different promotion tools can have in making bottom line differences in their practice and online branding.

3. An understanding of how you can roll out or further strengthen your online marketing initiatives.

OMP Program Specification

Anton Pearce’s Online Marketing Plan (OMP) helps you lay down strategies to achieve your practice objectives and suggests goal oriented course of action using the following metrics:

  • Practice objectives
  • Service offerings/products
  • Industry competition
  • ROI
  • Time lines
  • Sale Periods
  • Language
  • Regions
  • Modes of conversion

OMP Process

The process of creating an Online Marketing Plan follows the below mentioned steps:

Process Deliverables Time lines

1.Detailed Questionnaire to understand your practice model and objectives- Day 1

2.Phone call (if required) for any additional questions after studying the plan Consultation (Email Summary)Day 2

3.Detailed marketing plan detailing with ROI and time lines Report & consultation Day 4

4.Phone consultation) about the marketing plan and strategy discussion Consultation (Email Summary)Day 5

Cost of creating the OMP

The OMP strategy document costs $199.

If you decide to hire our services for executing some or all of the suggestions we are making, we will deduct the cost ($199) of the online marketing plan consulting.

Contact Information

For any questions of clarifications, please feel free to contact us.

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