The Code

My goal for you is to help you achieve what I aspire to for myself.

And that is to earn enough money to sustain my desired lifestyle – which happens to be more than I can earn from a wage-paying job.

That’s just the start though, because I want to be able to earn this money working on projects that interest me. And I want to be able to choose when I work, how I work, where I work and who I work with.

Plus I want to feel secure in my income. To not have to worry that my income will dry up if the economy deteriorates for example.

So that’s my goal and I’ve developed some good strategies to help me – and you, if you’re interested – to achieve it.

Now a few words about my personal code of practice.

In an environment that is overflowing with hype, sales pitches and snake-oil salesmen I offer a fresh approach – honest, authentic, actionable advice, and systems that work.

Every service or product I provide or recommend must have the following criteria – or I won’t promote it:

  • I must genuinely believe in it’s value and use it for my own success
  • It must offer the best value available (though not necessarily the cheapest)
  • It must offer strong risk protection for you in the form of free trials or no-questions-asked refunds.
  • I will never recommend a product simply to make me money and I will never recommend a product if I know there is a better option available to you.
  • If anything I do will earn me a commission I’ll disclose this up front and I’ll only ever make these type of recommendations where it is to your benefit and has no effect on your costs.

My final promise is this: Every service or product that I provide will offer exceptional value.

The truth is that without a full understanding of you and your unique circumstances I can never be certain whether a product or service is 100% right for you. So I will always offer you the highest possible guarantees.

If you ever feel that what I’m offering isn’t great value then I want to know about it. I’ll either give you even more value or your money back – simple.

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