Determine the Average Lifetime Value for your Typical Client

How much do you charge for a typical client session?   $
What is the average number of sessions you see a client?    
Average Lifetime Value of a client is:   $

There are two ways to increase average lifetime value:
A} Charge more per session B) Increase number of sessions per client.


Calculate value of website referrals per month and per year

Once you've worked out the Lifetime Value of your clients, you can try out some scenarios in the web referrals section. Just try entering a number between 5 and 25 in the cell next to the red arrow below. This will then show you how much extra revenue your website will deliver to you. We leave this up to you to enter because we don't want to hype you with unrealistic numbers. However in our experience numbers between 5 & 25 per month are realistic over the long term.
Enter how many new referrals you expect your website to generate each month (try numbers between 3 & 25):   
Lifetime Value of website referrals per month  $
Lifetime Value of Website Referrals Per Year:  $


So how did you go?
It can be quite enlightening (and exciting) to find out just what a difference a good website with a solid marketing plan can make to your practice.

Now that you've seen the potential you need to give some serious thought as to what you stand to lose by leaving your entire online strategy in the hands of a budget web designer (and that includes well-meaning friends or family members). When online marketing is done well it becomes an investment that repays you many times what you put into it.

Remember this: Getting new clients online is a marketing problem – not a web design problem.