Get you more clients

Get You More Clients

One of the biggest reasons that health and wellness professionals decide to get a website to promote their services online is because they want to generate more referrals for their practice. The days of relying on Yellow Pages advertising and old-style word of mouth are thankfully now over.

Yellow Pages always were too expensive and generated far too few referrals for the investment. The internet provides a far more cost effective means for getting you more clients.

We have developed some highly effective systems to allow you to implement automated, dependable, reliable streams of new client referrals – month after month. And the value of this will be far more than your financial investment.

Two key things to consider when choosing the marketing methods you use for growing your practice are Return on Investment (ROI) and Lifetime Value of Referral (LVR).

Without going into detail here LVR is the average amount of revenue that a new client will bring into your practice. If you typically charge $100 per session and see a client about 10 times on average, that means a typical client will bring in $1000 additional revenue to your practice.

Use this calculator to work out your average LVR. Once you know your LVR you can start thinking about how much you can reasonably spend on marketing to get new clients. Once you know your LVR it becomes a lot more comfortable spending $100 to obtain a new client.

Accurate ROI calculations need to consider all resource inputs, but for the sake of simplicity I just wanted to illustrate the value of spending $100 to generate $1000 of new business. This is a logical, smart way to run your business.

Use the form below to arrange a free strategy phone call where we can explain further how we can help you to get more clients on the internet. Whether you already have a website (but it is not delivering much benefit to you) or you don’t yet have any online presence, we can help you to get more clients for your practice in the shortest possible time.

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